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Wrong man signed birth certificate knowingly and took custody Wrong man signed birth certificate knowingly and took custody

Family »Posted 13 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question The man who signed my daughter s birth certificate took her from me and used the court to gain custody . 3 yrs later I found out that he had a visectomy more than 10 yrs prior to my pregnancy and he did mention something like that when I told him I was pregnant . My daughter don't look anything like him she looks like me and my boyfriend who I was also seeing at the time . What can I do to address this matter and what rights do we have as the natural parents who were decieved by this man? Whenever I try and see her she isn't there and I heard she don't live with him but he gets section 8 and welfare for her. I can't even visit I haven't seen her since before she knew how to walk . I'm worried about what his reasons are behind all this and who is caring for her and how is she? I need to know something I'm desperate please help give me an idea of where to start. Also she is eligible for enrollment in my tribe.

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