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Why Representing Yourself in a DUI Case May Lead to Disaster Why Representing Yourself in a DUI Case May Lead to Disaster

Bronze medal Reporter Sulamit Berk Posted 30 Apr 2016
Why Representing Yourself in a DUI Case May Lead to Disaster


Too many people charged with a DUI decide to represent themselves in court instead of hiring the best DUI attorney Los Angeles has to offer. There are many reasons why so many people feel that getting proper representation is not in their best interest, but the truth is that the advantages of having a knowledgeable, experienced DUI attorney by your side is far greater than any disadvantages that might be offered.

In fact, there are many myths out there about the court process and hiring of attorneys that causes people to make decisions that are ultimately not in their best interest. Here are just four reasons why representing yourself can lead to disaster when facing DUI charges.

Making Poor Decisions

Arguably the biggest issue about representing yourself in court is simply not having the experience necessary to make the right decisions. The court process is really about making a series of decisions, following the rules and regulations, and defending all of your rights in court. The judge and jury do not assist when you make a mistake in court which could lead to an assured conviction and even greater penalties because you did not know the right course of action to take.

Low Attorney Fees

The best lawyers that specialize in DUI do not price themselves out of doing service for most people. In fact, many of their fees are quite low and can be paid for by many who have been charged by a DUI. Plus, when you consider all the fines, fees, missed work time, and potential penalties involved from a conviction, hiring a DUI attorney may actually save you a considerable amount of money.

Relying on the Mercy of the Court

Another myth that is very prevalent is that throwing yourself on the mercy of the court by pleading guilty will somehow give you a lighter sentence. That’s not how the court process works as it relies on evidence presented by both sides for the judge or jury to make a decision. By simply pleading guilty, you are basically saying that the prosecution is correct and you should be subject to the full penalties provided under the law.
The DUI attorney understands that all charges must be vigorously challenged in order to get the best decision for you.

Failing to Get the Charges Reduced or Thrown Out 

One option that often gets overlooked by those who represent themselves is that there are opportunities to reduce the charges, if not throw them out entirely. An experienced DUI attorney will know when to challenge the evidence, fighting to reduce the charges, and finding ways to make the decision of the court go in your favor.

The best DUI Attorney Los Angeles residents rely upon to help them get through this difficult time is what you need when facing drunken driving charges. Do not let the myths and misinformation about attorneys sway you from hiring the best when facing DUI charges in court. 

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