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Single Drug Execution Single Drug Execution

Bronze medal Reporter Attorney Posted 10 Nov 2015
Single Drug Execution

California Governor introduces proposal for single-drug lethal injection protocol. California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday introduced a proposal regulation for a single-drug execution process. The new protocol would replace the existing three-drug execution protocol. The state would be allowed to determine one of four drugs to use on a case by case basis including: amobarbital, pentobarbital, secobarbital and thiopental.
Use of the death penalty has been a controversial issue throughout the US in 2015. In April the Tennessee Supreme Court had postponed the execution of four inmates on death row while it determines whether current protocols are constitutional, effectively halting all executions in the state. Also in April, the Delaware Senate voted to repeal the death penalty, but the legislation includes an exemption for the 15 inmates currently on death row.(Reported by: The Press Democrat)

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