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Please i need a lawyer pro bono Please i need a lawyer pro bono

Criminal »Posted 16 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question Im a fugitive of justice for a crime im not sure i commited i was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ptsd at the time of the allegid crimes i was going thru a ruff time 4 months before i was trumatized and have been thru alot of of truma in the past 3 years and dont really remember the last 3 years of my life im now going thru a criminal situation for distrabution and was basically forced to plea guilty to it my public defender sent my discovery by email and never had any meetings or phone conversations with me and when i asked for a trial was told no cause she couldnt win the trial that i need to take the deal or be screwed but i dont understand what is going on i have a few misdeminor cases nothing major and this would be my first felony if i even commited this crime my dr told me i probably dont remember cause i was in a manic stage of bipolar disorder im really confused as to how my life has become such a mess and i dont even remember any of it im really scared cause i never really been in trouble my mom is dying and does dialisis 5 times a week im an only child and her only person to depend on to help her i feel im being railroaded by jefferson county and was forced to plea guilty for a crime i dont remember comiting

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