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Joint venture benefits with foreign companies Joint venture benefits with foreign companies

Bronze medal Reporter Hasnath Posted 20 Sep 2019
Joint venture benefits with foreign companies

Joint ventures with foreign firms have several advantages and many firms prefer to join an international marketplace through an international joint venture.

When at least two businesses based in separate nations form a partnership to participate in economic activity, an international joint venture happens. Each participant stays economically, geographically and legally independent of each other in the event of a joint venture with overseas firms. The undertaking enables many of the advantages and rewards of a cross-border merger or acquisition with only a fraction of the hazards, a quick exit option, and restricted implications for the partner businesses. In both developed and developing markets, joint ventures with foreign firms happen commonly. The main advantages of joint ventures with overseas firms include:

-Participating firms can discover new possibilities for development that they would not otherwise have, such as entering a fresh industry or accessing new technologies;

-Supports development in digital products and services by providing businesses with access to digital capacities, creating fresh digital solutions or providing digital solutions;

-Facilitates entry into developing nations for multinational corporations;

-Enables developing nations to attract foreign direct investment and expertise;

-Creates possibilities for jobs in the local nation (where the company operates or in the nation where one of the partners is physically situated) and increases the flow of foreign currencies;

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-Facilitates the fast transfer of technology, intellectual property, trademarks and patents, marketing knowledge, organizational expertise, client networks, local market experience ;

-Reduces the danger associated with conducting company in a fresh industry, including political, legal and regulatory;

-Offers flexibility to exit quickly when local circumstances alter or when the market and company relationship is unattractive.


However, apart from all the advantages that joint ventures with overseas firms provide, when the joint ventures are short-lived, there are also difficulties. When the joint venture finishes, for instance, the local business can use the technology, intellectual property and expertise shared by the overseas business, generating a powerful competitor. This is particularly true when the protection of the intellectual property is weak and an international joint venture agreement is poorly drafted. In order to prevent such difficulties, it is essential to employ an experienced international lawyer to implement an efficient cross-border joint venture contract and to assist with other contractual problems such as jobs, monetary compliance and termination or acquisition of the joint venture.

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