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Divorce by Mutual consent without physical presenceDivorce by Mutual consent without physical presence

Family »Posted 19 Jan 2011 Post Answer

legal question Hi - I got married in June 2010 in India and work in the US in a H1B visa. My wife joined me in US in Nov 2010 on a H1 through her own company. However she wasn\'t interested in the marriage from the start and moved out on her own. Now we are moving to annul the marriage. Her father had accused me of driving her out of the house and harassing her. Recently he had sent a form requesting me to give the power of attorney to my parents to represent me in the court for divorce procedings and a similar form to my wife granting the power of attorney to her parents to represent them.

My questions are

1) Is it possible to give a power of attorney for annulment of marriage? Would the court accept it?

2) Is the power of attorney a kind of trick being played? They can come out with any kind of allegations and not co-operate later.

Please advise.

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