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Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer is Half the Battle Won Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer is Half the Battle Won

Bronze medal Reporter Joseph Venditti - Criminal Defense Lawyer Posted 23 Feb 2016
Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer is Half the Battle Won

History has it that time and again, people get caught in the web of misfortunes for various reasons. Worst one among the many woes is being charged and arrested for a criminal act consequently leading to hefty penalties, jail term, and forfeiture of property. 


Challenged by fragile circumstances and uncomforting acquaintances, people are bound to find themselves in situations they are not responsible for. This explains the profound need for an efficient criminal defense lawyer to help uphold justice in the most effective and responsible manner. 


Then again, the mere existence of such a law is a waste if genuine knowledge about it and the adjoining procedures are not available to the common man. Hence, the presence of lawyers is significant in helping alleged convicts understand the best measures they can adopt to avail justice.


Leveraging Law the Right Way


The knowledge and experience in dealing with criminal cases backed by the lineage of successful court trails is an asset that lawyers possess. Appealing for different cases gains them an insightful understanding of the legal defense system. Such experience is the greatest aid you can avail from lawyers during trying circumstances.


When an emotional trauma surfaces, the lawyers help you handle all the legal proceedings you need to follow for a successful court trail. Experienced legal veterans will leave no stone unturned in conducting a thorough investigation of your case and will target their efforts towards achieving the best possible outcome.


Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?


While some alleged convicts choose to fight their own case, others find it challenging to comprehend the laws and the judicial system. In case of the latter, the need for legal experts who have studied criminal defense law and practice it day in and out becomes unquestionable. 


When charged for a criminal act, the first step, in order to understand and safeguard your rights, is to hire an efficient criminal defense lawyer. The legal expert learns your case and guides the way forward, targeting your acquittal.


Finding Your Shield – The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer


Choosing the right lawyer brings you half the victory. Having a sound lawyer is of paramount importance in determining the outcome of your case. Here is all that you need to bear in mind when selecting an expert to fight for you: 


⦁ Find Ways to Seek Out a Good Lawyer


Seek it out and you shall find. So, do so wisely. A lawyer can make or break your case by the mere interpretation and representation of your story. While the incident will bring you distress, clear your mind and begin your search for an efficient lawyer. 


Let your foremost attempt be to consult your family and friends for hiring a lawyer. Check with your trusted acquaintances to identify any known lawyers. Do so without spilling too much about your case, unless necessary. 


If this fails, try the Internet. Your challenge here would be to find the most genuine information. Browse through sites for lawyers and legal firms with valid certifications. There are numerous government and public organizations like Legal Information Institute,, DuPage County IL Criminal Defense Lawyers suggesting the best criminal defense lawyers. Use them to complete your evaluation and shortlist a few suitable options.


⦁ Establish the Lawyer's Track Record


Study the track records of the shortlisted lawyers and look for cases similar to yours. While you contact the lawyers, check their success ratio for getting the accused acquitted, and getting the criminal charges dropped or reduced. A record with the maximum success is still no complete guarantee for your release. However, a lawyer with more experience is bound to fight your case with more confidence.


⦁ Calculate the Cost


Good quality comes at a price. Being constantly in demand, good lawyers have earned their place to charge a high fee. While you may like to choose the best lawyer, you must calculate the potential cost your case will incur. 


A few law firms like the Acosta Law Group offer free consultation, others may spare no penny. It would, therefore, be a good option to speak with more than one lawyer and compare their experience and fee. 


⦁ Trust the Chosen One


Once you have finalized your lawyer, trust him/her with all the truth about your case. Do not hide any truth intentionally. Lawyers are not fond of receiving surprises about any truth (you may have known about) during the trail from the prosecution. Share all your details as this information becomes the very foundation of the lawyer’s appeal for your innocence. 


Build a rapport with your legal expert to maintain an easy flow of information. Do not hesitate to ask questions, even those which you may think are irrelevant from the lawyer's or the court's perspective. It’s not just your money, but also your keen interest in your case that will persuade the lawyer to develop a strong appeal.


⦁ Sit Down with Your Lawyer to Understand the Rules and Regulations


Have your lawyer explain to you the rules and the regulations affecting your case. Do not blindly leave it to the lawyer, rather get involved. Get insights into the progress of your case from the assessments the lawyer makes during the trial. Let the lawyer know that you will always like to be kept informed about the truth, even though discomforting at times, as this will allow you to make the right decisions. Capture the details of the amendments and the laws that the court uses as reference and benchmarks to announce your sentence. 




Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer is the next best thing to not being caught on the wrong side. Avoid letting fear and panic get the better of you and accept your situation believing that a good lawyer will win the battle for you.

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