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Top lawyers in United States are listed as per the question & answer program by pathlegal. The rank of these legal experts are based on the customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like", accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.

Advocate Jackson Phillips

personal injury, family law, civil litigation

Advocate Steve Ross

business law, immigration, banking law.

Advocate Nicole Coleman

bankruptcy, cyber crime and alternative dispute resolution

Advocate Jose Cervantes

tax law & accounting

Advocate Laura S. Mann

family law, divorce, bankruptcy, real estate, estate planning

Advocate Steven Casper

workers compensation denial disputes, ssdi appeals attorney, accident attorneys

Advocate Vladimir Tsirkin

car accident attorney

Advocate Jeremy Hugus

personal injury, criminal defense

Advocate Amanda Powers Sellers

family law, criminal defense, personal injury

Advocate Brian W. Freeman

workers compensation

Advocate Keith M. Stern

employment law, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, retaliation, wrongful termination

Advocate Robert Nye

personal injury, car accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, motorcycle accident lawyer

Advocate Ian Silverthorne

personal injury lawyer in orange county, car accldent attorneys, injury law firm,

Advocate Nathan Kaufman, Esq.

long island, suffolk and nassau - bankruptcy, foreclosure, and modification lawyer

Advocate Galen Alston

divorce, child custody, child support

Advocate Vernon Goldschmid

workers\' compensation, personal injury, employment law government disability and retirement, social

Advocate Eric Derleth

criminal law, dui, personal injury

Advocate Ahlawat & Associates

corporate law, employment and labour, mergers and acquisitions, ) real estate property dispute

Advocate Abbie Obenour

estate planning, estate administration, adoption, surrogacy, assisted reproduction, family law, divo

Advocate Henry Dailey

personal injury

Advocate Familylaw Advocate

divorce attorney

Advocate Law Offices of Cathe L. Caraway-Howard

employment law, labor law, discrimination law, civil rights, whitleblower protection,

Advocate John Hipskind

personal injury, workers compensation, medical malpractice

Advocate Charles Herman

employment law

Advocate Levy Law LLC

ejectment lawyer, ejectment attorney, eviction lawyer, eviction attorney, property maintenance code

Advocate John Silverman

personal injury attorneys, car accident lawyers, medical malpractice lawyer, injury law,

Advocate Don Mathews

personal injury fort myers fl, slip and fall fort myers fl, accident lawyer fort myers fl

Advocate Semanchik Law Group

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