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Top lawyers in United States are listed as per the question & answer program by pathlegal. The rank of these legal experts are based on the customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like", accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.

Advocate Renju Firm

business law, civil law, family law, property law

Advocate K.Thangamani

criminal and civil

Advocate Henry Taylor

criminal cases


family law general law legal advisor. & international. la

Advocate Dawn Veltman

divorce and separation, personal injury, child custody, criminal defense, child support, business

Advocate Gabriel Hermann

social security attorney, insurance attorney, law firm, lawyer, legal services

Advocate George McCranie

criminal justice attorney, law firm, lawyer, legal services, criminal defense attorney, dui lawyer

Advocate Power Bail Bonds

bail bonds service, surety bond service, legal services, professional services

Advocate Kevin Bolger

criminal defense attorney, drug defense attorney,murder defense attorney,state defense attorney

Advocate Andrew Deegan Attorney At Law

criminal lawyer on fort worth, tx

Advocate Brett Beaubien

criminal defense, sex crimes, criminal, drug crime, drug possession

Advocate Chris Lucero

criminal defense, civil rights and personal injury

Advocate Randall Trost

personal injury

Advocate Dale Houston

bail bonds

Advocate Lucy Kasparian

lemon law, lemon law lawyer los angeles, lemon law lawyer california

Advocate Adam Rosengard

free case evaluation, car accident lawyer, workplace accident lawyer, slip and fall lawyer, spinal c

Advocate Douglas Ketterman

personal injury lawyer

Advocate T. Owen Rassman

probate attorney, estate planning, business lawyer

Advocate Justin Wraight

worker's compentation law, social security disability

Advocate Caitlin Rae Pfeiffer

criminal law, family law, personal injury

Advocate Alex Weatherby

truck accident, class action, bike accident, fatal accident, wrongful death

Advocate Christine Schafer

estate planning, probate administration, elder law

Advocate Ross Mirian

insurance claim denial, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, personal injury claims

Advocate Aaron Bruner, Esq.

traffic lawyer

Advocate Ralph Powers

criminal law, dui/dwi, personal injury, construction defects, real estate law & litigation

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