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Rip my certificate up ANY 28 Jan 2019

Boulder PD officer in Boulder CO rip my birth certificate up ?


Someone from different country dont like my name Brenda Cooper of 1985 ANY 26 Jan 2019

Can a someone from a different country do they have the right to change someons name all because they don't like the name without you knowing ...


Medical verses Indian beliefs ANY 26 Jan 2019

Can the Indian reservation make me give up my heart medicines with 5 stents in the heart?


How to beat concealed weapons charges Criminal 26 Jan 2019

How to beat concealed weapon charge Gun was sitting in driver door panel. The car has no glove box and the weapon is to large to put in center console....


False statements under oath Criminal 24 Jan 2019

What to do when officer and district attorney and commiting perjury under oath and the judge dont care


Pwede ba sya madeport Family 23 Jan 2019

may tatanong po ako sainyo. iniwan po kami ng papa ko mag 20 nako at never ko syang nakita may iba na syang pamilya kasal sila ng mama ko. inabandona nya...


How to handle multiple participants in the wrong Business 19 Jan 2019

Ok! I produced Professional Rodeo events up until May 2017. Ive been involved in and around the sport for the last 20 years. But in 2014 Myself and a partner...


Wrongful death and violation of privacy rights Civil 18 Jan 2019

I\\\'m my brothers told father which had restraining order from Mom that he had to pull plug on Mon because she is as brain dead how do you prosecute brothers...


How to find out if a piece of property was conveyed legally Property 18 Jan 2019

My parents owned a piece of property that consisted of 5 lots they purchased in 1984. It was free in clear of any leins. But in 1994 my father who was...


Wrongful assault and arrest Civil 17 Jan 2019

I am needing an attorney to represent me in suing the city of Independence, MO Police Department. For years i have been harrassed and was wrongfully...

Dear Sir/Madam, Please go to the link given below to search lawyers based on location.

What is bail and how to field on the bail petition Criminal 13 Jan 2019

What is bail. How to field on the bail petition and how types of bail


I am Cuban I am in the United States with parole 0 13 Jan 2019

I am Cuban I am in the United States with parole I entered asking for asylum. My parole is written on the back (paroled by ice for 240 procedings) I have...


Auto accident Lawyer Maryland Business 13 Jan 2019

The experienced personal injury and auto accident lawyers Maryland at Law Offices of FALODUN & ASSOCIATES, LC. Call today for a free case review at 301-289-7737 Attorney...


Landlord threw out my belonging within 30 days of eviction Civil 10 Jan 2019

I was a tendent over here in Rapid City South Dakota I could not afford to pay my rent for the month of December so my landlord evicted me and threw away...

Dear Sir/Madam, Please go to the link given below to search lawyers based on location.

Criminal domestic violence 3rd degree 2nd offense Criminal 9 Jan 2019

I have a criminal domestic violence 3rd degree itís my second offense Iím worried about jail time because Iím a single mother we were both hitting each...

Dear Madam, He is also equally punishable therefore his chance to file a complaint is very less. View

unique special event ideas Business 5 Jan 2019

I think


unique special event ideas Business 5 Jan 2019

Singapore transforms itself from a bustling business center in the morning to a vibrant nightlife filled with fun and exciting activities that anyone can...


Review of legal documents and contracts Information Technology 31 Dec 2018

I am company based in Netherlands and looking for lawyers to review my contract and legal documents which i am signing with my US clients/customers.

Dear Sir/Madam, Please go to the link given below to search lawyers based on location. ...View

How do you handle a guilty conscience Criminal 30 Dec 2018

What if I have a client that I know is guilty of committing murder, rape charge, burglary and etc. The fact that you know makes it even harder on yourself...

Dear Madam, At the end of the day its your profession where you need to be more practical than emotional. The attorney has full right to accept or reject...View

Help for look for possible answers and wat the laws Family 29 Dec 2018

How could my son get adopted bye my son stepfather with out my knowledge on why I found out throw court and they ain\\\\\\\'t giving me any more info look...

Dear Madam, Approach through The Freedom of Information Act to know the current status. View

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