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Freeze out of our home Civil 30 Nov 2018

Behind on rent and landlord cut our utilities off and we have 3 babies in the home

The best option is to find a new house because if you complaint against your landlord he may create more trouble for you in future. For the time being...View

Constitutional rights in work place Constitution 29 Nov 2018

Are constitutional right protected in the place of employment if not should they be?

Every right the U.S. Constitution actually gives you against your employer is protected in your place of employment. There’s only one Constitutional right...View

Startup app business question ANY 29 Nov 2018

I want to start a business in which I employ one group to service a network. What should my first plan of action be?


What are my rights Where do I start and what to do Accident 27 Nov 2018

Not sure if headed in the right direction. I believe I was a victim of an incident that occurred in Waikiki. I tripped over a water drainage that was sticking...


Violated by the lake shastina police Human Rights 27 Nov 2018

I feel like i have been violated by the lake shastina police. My so is on probation and the sumit came to our place and did a probation check. When they...

You must be careful next time. You can even file a complaint suspecting that you have treat for life from that person for your security and he will think...View

What I need to know most to be a lawyer International Law 25 Nov 2018

What do you need to know most to be be a lawyer And what advice and what do lawyers work mostly about

There is an endless amount of specific information you have to learn or be able to find if you want to practice law. But what you need to know most is...View

I was an addict, Im a clean normal person again, Can I get my babies b Family 24 Nov 2018

Can a severeance of rights be appealed in AZ? AFTER fighting and losing to DCS? Is there a statue of limitation sort of thing with this?


what if the attorney withdraws from my case ANY 23 Nov 2018

What can I do if the court-appointed attorney withdraws from my case on the day of court and if the judge tells me that she won't let me get a new att...

The right to counsel is enshrined in the the federal & state constitutions; thus, no competent judge would tell you that you cannot have a new lawyer....View

To get and start a new job abroad Motor Vehicle 22 Nov 2018

Hello Guys, I\'d like to know how can I get a new legal job in the USA, I\'m from Brazil.

You have to visit the US embassy site to know more about employment in USA for people from other country.View

Paternity testing, for custody Family 22 Nov 2018

DNA regarding custody. Custody of child who is living with a male who is not his biological father. Precedence for DNA paternity testing regarding custody....

I this situation that person can adopt that child.View

Lawyer not providing service ANY 22 Nov 2018

My lawyer took his service fee from me to file a case 2 months ago and still not done any work on my case. What option do I have?

You can request for refund and you can contact the State bar and file a complaint if your attorney has failed to communicate with you regarding the status...View

Income tax and accidental death Tax 22 Nov 2018

Can any taxpayer claim to the income tax department for his accidental death?

The final tax return would be filed by the executor of the estate of the decedent. There is no deduction for death or accidental death. It is simply a...View

What to do if I am caught by the corp late night Criminal 21 Nov 2018

If I am brought to the police station late night for some reason and I say "I am not talking without my lawyer" but at that point of time I don't have...

If you are arrested late night if it an odd time to call an attorney you have to wait till morning and try to make a call to the attorney or you can call...View

How to get speedy divorce Family 21 Nov 2018

My marriage was a nightmare I really want to come out of it. How fast can I get divorced from my husband?

It totally depends. How long have you been married? What state did you get married in and which state are you residing in? Are you a U.S. citizen? Is your...View

Traffic rules for female in US Motor Vehicle 21 Nov 2018

Does a male traffic police officer have the right to stop or arrest a female vehicle driver for breaking traffic rules?

Yes, a male (or female) traffic police officer does have the right to stop any male (or female) driver and check for the documents etc. The officer also...View

Attorney quits before mediation ANY 18 Nov 2018

Problem is attorney client ethics. The attorney abruptly filed for resignation of my case. He did this one day before mediation ordered by court. This...

Dear Sir/Madam, You can go for appeal. Make sure that you get back the file from the attorney.View

Citizens rights in the court of law ANY 16 Nov 2018

What are the citizens rights in the United States of America? What are the rights?

Dear Sir/Madam, In the United States, the 14th Amendment gives constitutional protection of the basic rights of citizenship: "All persons born or naturalized...View

US start-up company law ANY 16 Nov 2018

How difficult is it for a US company to sue a European company for non paying for a contract?

It is not that difficult. But it is expensive and time consuming. You need (1) a substantial amount at issue and (2) a high likelihood of winning to...View

US Company law for condumers Consumer Protection 16 Nov 2018

Are US companies not required by law to furnish a bill or invoice if requested by a customer?

There may be specific professions in which such a thing is required, but generally speaking, no there is no such law of which I am aware of.View

Right to speech in corperate sector Constitution 16 Nov 2018

Do people working in the US have a right to free speech during those times they are actively representing their company or can the company lawfully restrict...

Companies generally cannot lawfully restrict speech. I mean, they have no power to forcefully stop or prevent someone at any given time. I am emphasizing...View

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