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Is my wife stuck in Ghana because of taxes Property 3 Mar 2019

I am American. I met a lady from Ghana a year ago and met/married her last month. Soon after our marraige, (under a day) she was told she inherited valuable...


Help Im desperate. Civil 2 Mar 2019

I was forced to leave my home based on false accusations. I'm disabled and my landlord was aware if this and refused to allow a assistant. The lease was...


challenges in legal industry especially in the case of female lawyer ANY 27 Feb 2019

What are the struggles of being a female lawyer? want suggestions from a female lawyer!

This is an interesting question. I am a member of two organizations, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Both organizations...View

Emergency order for access to video Property 25 Feb 2019

My apartment was entered without my knowledge or permission on Saturday. A key was apparently used. There is a camera outside that could prove who illegally...


Do it urself divorce Family 25 Feb 2019

How do I finish a divorce legal aid filed for me nearly 2 years ago in another county? Its uncontested I just moved away and the legal aid office excused...


How a divorce lawyer helps you in divorce Family 24 Feb 2019

Does one need a lawyer to get divorced in the USA? is necessary to hire an attorney to do divorce proceedings?

Technically, no, you can choose to represent yourself .but itís not usually a good idea, depending on how many issues are involved. According to the complexity...View

Eviction Process in Iowa ANY 23 Feb 2019

What is the eviction process in Iowa? How long does the eviction process take?


Is this a legal marriage, or am I being scammed Civil 19 Feb 2019

I live in America. I had met a woman online who says she is in Ghana. Long story short, I couldn\'t trust her and she was going to cheat on me so, that...


Custodial Grandparents Refusing to Give Kids Back to Mother Family 18 Feb 2019

Approximately 4 years ago, due to situations which would take too long to explain on this platform, I was tricked by my father into signing over custody...


What motion can I file Criminal 17 Feb 2019

Idaho Department Of Corrections is refusing to give my husband credit for time he has done sitting in prison and have changed his out date on him at least...


Custody battle with mother and son Family 17 Feb 2019

I need a lawyer for a custody battle. I have a son with the mother is been 2 years since I seen him and I need legal advice on what needs to be done to...


Web-Mart is all about giving an elegant look to your website. Information Technology 11 Feb 2019

Web-Mart is a place with a bunch of creative people who have expertise in website designing specially 3d designing. We provide every thing that a buisness...


Objection to Motion to dismiss/Chapter 7 Civil 11 Feb 2019

How can I respond to a motion to dismiss motion in my chapter 7 case? 1. Paralegal is asking the court to dismiss the case based on incomplete or twisted...


Grandparents visition Family 10 Feb 2019

My son was shot and killed 1-7-2018.I haven't seen my grandchildren since 12-25-2017.what paperwork do I need to file for visitions.


What can I do to get my babies back Family 9 Feb 2019

Can I ask a judge to dismiss my case and return my children if My children were taken on false allegations which cps knew they were false, they were not...


Petitioning civil claim Civil 5 Feb 2019

When filing a complaint and summons along with the notice of service is there any thing else needed to file


Worker compensation case Accident 3 Feb 2019

After my workers compensate case is completed what\'s next


Towing carrier,property manager no property Motor Vehicle 1 Feb 2019

Towing companies currently holding my car tell me that I need to pay for them telling my vehicle but it was a unauthorized told because the property manager...


Rip birth certificate up Human Rights 30 Jan 2019

Boulder police department rip up my birth certificate up. So I can not get a job,housing, food stamps to help me get off the streets and heart patient...


How to sue a roomate Civil 29 Jan 2019

Hi, so I co-signed for my friend to get into this Dorm and had my dad co sign for me so I could get here. With that said he defaulted and left hasn't paid...


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