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Filing for an Expungement Criminal 18 Dec 2018

Needing help filling out the Indiana Expungement form for arrest record. I have all the information needed( cause numbers, dates, arresting and filed charge,...


Help with Expungement Criminal 18 Dec 2018

Needing help filling out the Indiana Arrest Record Expungement form, i have all the info needed,just need to know where on the form to put the info.


Sue dfacs and child abuse Family 18 Dec 2018

Type Keywords (child abuse and how do I sue dfacs) Saved Legal Questions Child abuse I want to sue dfacs Family 11 min(s) ago How do I sue Dfacs...


Child abuse I want to sue dfacs Family 18 Dec 2018

How do I sue Dfacs for placing my son in the care of someone who has abandoned him and child abused him mentally and physically. He is only 4. He was in...

File a complaint at the nearest police station.View

should I pled guilty or not guilty Criminal 13 Dec 2018

Should I pled guilty to ( tele communication ) and ( possession of a stolen firearm )

Yes you have to. View

Im trying to put the burden of proof back on the State Criminal 8 Dec 2018

What do you do if you have given plenty of resonable doubt and they can\'t provide concrete proof but the plaintiff if still charged and jailed?

You can still go for an appeal. View

Parmenent alimony in one time settlement Family 7 Dec 2018

Dear Team, In mutual consent, it is decided that 498a and DVC filed against me should be withdrawn and I should give 10L,out of it 4L for wife and 6L...


The paperwork is legal and if not can I go get our kids Family 7 Dec 2018

Our kids is being at my sister\\\\\\\'s house I was served papers for parent and child petition we look into the paperwork it is on file but not set court...

It is better to go to the court and visit the court officer and inquire the current status in order to get the clear picture of the situation.View

Warrant ofp violation Criminal 7 Dec 2018

Well my wife has a protection order out on me she has had it modified so I can see my kids at our home on the weekends from 9-5 and we are allowed to communicate...

My basic advice would be going against the order is a crime. If your wife had agreed to meet you kids you should have asked her to provide written consent...View

Signing a lease in Georgia USA for an apartment Property 7 Dec 2018

In Georgia, USA, if I sign a lease for an apartment and the kease states a requirement on the leasee that is different than existing law, is that section...

Yes the existing law will be binding.View

Tackling a criminal by your own Criminal 6 Dec 2018

If you see a police officer chasing a suspect, and you tackle that suspect, will you be charged with interfering in a police investigation, or something...

If you are helping, probably not. From a tactical standpoint, tackling the criminal may not be such a good idea. What if he has a knife? What if another...View

Is threatening for self defense a crime Criminal 1 Dec 2018

Is it a crime to threaten to kill a scammer over the phone who keeps calling you from multiple fake phone numbers? What about impersonating as a police...

Police impersonation is a crime. You can be charged for this and would be convicted if they can prove it was done.You can be charged with making a terroristic...View

Workmans comp law advice Insurance 1 Dec 2018

I have been recieving weekly loss wage checks from a workmans comp claim. I want to know if my checks will stop if I check into a detox inpatient pro...

No it will not stop.View

Intent Tort, due process Criminal 1 Dec 2018

Two statements given by the defendants contradict the police report. Claim i fired a gun but police report charged the felon who was the original shooter....

You attorney can mention this in the court if he don't you can change your attorney.View

Freeze out of our home Civil 30 Nov 2018

Behind on rent and landlord cut our utilities off and we have 3 babies in the home

The best option is to find a new house because if you complaint against your landlord he may create more trouble for you in future. For the time being...View

Constitutional rights in work place Constitution 29 Nov 2018

Are constitutional right protected in the place of employment if not should they be?

Every right the U.S. Constitution actually gives you against your employer is protected in your place of employment. There’s only one Constitutional right...View

Startup app business question ANY 29 Nov 2018

I want to start a business in which I employ one group to service a network. What should my first plan of action be?


What are my rights Where do I start and what to do Accident 27 Nov 2018

Not sure if headed in the right direction. I believe I was a victim of an incident that occurred in Waikiki. I tripped over a water drainage that was sticking...


Violated by the lake shastina police Human Rights 27 Nov 2018

I feel like i have been violated by the lake shastina police. My so is on probation and the sumit came to our place and did a probation check. When they...

You must be careful next time. You can even file a complaint suspecting that you have treat for life from that person for your security and he will think...View

What I need to know most to be a lawyer International Law 25 Nov 2018

What do you need to know most to be be a lawyer And what advice and what do lawyers work mostly about

There is an endless amount of specific information you have to learn or be able to find if you want to practice law. But what you need to know most is...View

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