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gift Deed or Will, which one is better suited

gift Deed or Will, which one is better suited   Below are the few querys of mine in regard with the gift deed.

1). Advantages and disadvantages of gift deed and property will. Which one is better

2). What is the Stamp duty and Registration charges for gift Deed in Andhra pradesh,Hyderabad.

3). If the blood relation is there any change in the stamp duty and registration charges, if yes what is the percentage or amount.

4). are there any chance of opposing the gift deed by the siblings ?

5). after the gift deed, what are the steps needs to be done , like getting all the Title on the gifted one\'s name.

Thanking you in advance for ur valuable advice.

   1.Will is better ,because it operates after the death of person,he can enjoy his property till his life time and after his life time the property will be taken by legal heir or the beneficiary named by hime ,the registeration fee is nominal RS 250/-
In Gift deed the property is immidiately transferred and donor loses his right immidiately after giving gift.
2.its 5% of the market value of the property
3.yes its 1% of the market value of the property
4.yes if it is conditional gift or gift is made under force and coertion
5after getting gift ,if some conditions are ther for accepting gift they have to be performed,all title deeds should be taken,mutation of the property should be done in your name and pay all property taxes .accept the gift take possession of the property during life time of donor.
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