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What are the most immoral thing you can do that is legal? What are the most immoral thing you can do that is legal?

Bronze medal Reporter Rock John Posted 4 Nov 2018 Post Comment Visitors: 206 Read More News and Blogs
What are the most immoral thing you can do that is legal?

What are the most immoral thing you can do that is legal?


Immorality can be considered as a concept applied to persons and actions. In a wider sense, it is applicable to groups or corporate bodies, religions, beliefs, and works of art. When we say that some act is immoral it means that they violate some moral laws or norms or standards.


Laws are the rules which are enforced by the society.  Violations of the law might bring loss of or reduction of freedom and possessions.

It is difficult to define a set of behaviours which are legal but are not moral or vice versa. Because morality is not set or agreed on generally where law varies significantly from region to region. Morality depends on situations but laws are limited and cannot scale to fit any situation. Normally laws are made with an intention for the sake of society.Conversely, legal acts that are immoral tend to come when the practical morality of a given society and the laws intended to benefit of lesser scope. When the law fails to anticipate a situation to which it should apply given a specific moral philosophy.


Some of the examples of actions which are immortal and legal are:


Commercials aimed at children are Legal but it takes advantage of people who do not have enough judgement. Infidelity which also referred to as cheating, adultery is a violation of a couple's assumed or stated contract regarding emotional or sexual exclusivity. Prostitution illegal in most parts of the world, but not all.


Murder for instance. We all agree murder is immoral also the government has determined that murder is detrimental to society that it must be stopped.  Cheating is another example. Cheating is receiving a reward for ability or finding any easy method out of the unpleasant situation through dishonest means. They are generally used for breaking rules to gain a partial advantage in a competitive situation.


Littering is the unlawful deposit of any type of waste materials in an amount less than 200 litres in volume. It simply means throwing away objects on the ground or leaving them on the ground instead of putting them in a garbage can or recycling bin.Things which are illegal but thought to be moral are Drinking under age, Driving over the speed limit, Smoking marijuana, Cheating on a tax return, Splitting a cable signal to direct to more than one television. People might not think of themselves as immoral for breaking these laws.


 The law practice is commonly associated with a lot of immoral activities like ambulance chasing, patent trolling, playful lawsuits etc. It is legal to leave a spouse if they have any extra marital affairs or even divorce them, but it is considered as immoral by most people's standards.Morals depend on culture. Kissing a woman in public could be considered as immoral. There are numerous of weird immoral things which people do every day that some of the cultures find it offensive.



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