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Warrant ofp violation Warrant ofp violation

Criminal »Posted 7 Dec 2018

legal question Well my wife has a protection order out on me she has had it modified so I can see my kids at our home on the weekends from 9-5 and we are allowed to communicate electronically I just recently found out I have a warrant for my arrest because she calls the police because I was texting her not sure what to do this is my second violation and my first one was a felony so it makes this one aggravated any advice would be greatly appreciated

legal answer from lawyer E00304481My basic advice would be going against the order is a crime. If your wife had agreed to meet you kids you should have asked her to provide written consent otherwise it can be a trap for you.
Coming to your current situation I think she has trapped you. If you have any proof of her consent to meet your kids that can help you at this point of time.

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