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Violated by the lake shastina policeViolated by the lake shastina police

Human Rights »Posted 27 Nov 2018

legal question I feel like i have been violated by the lake shastina police. My so is on probation and the sumit came to our place and did a probation check. When they camein they did find a small bag of drugs. They asked us and we said it was ours. They took us to jail..however it was not very much and they were under the impression there were more drugs then what they found. They went throu 1 dresser drawer in our room that had all my personal belongs bras, panties, my Intimate belongsing. And did not go thou any of the other drawers i have in my room. Upon coming home all my intimate clothes were just thrown all over my room aswell as all my adult pleasures toys. Just tossed and left thrown all around. Nothing else in my room appeared to have been gone thou except for my intimate belongs. Now i do ubderstand it was a probation search however the leading arrestting officer that was with the summit this day was a local officer who in 2014 to 2015 was my next door neighbor. An officer who kids go to my family kids school, who patrols my neighborhood every day that he works, that i see on a regular basis. He now knows what sex toys i have and so forth..and i do believe he got someform of excitement when dealing with us this day. Not to mention that after taking us to jail and only find a small amount of drugs felt we were hiding a bigger amount some were in my house and came back to my home after taking us to yreka to be booked came back to lookfor what he thought we had hid.

legal answer from lawyer E00304481You must be careful next time. You can even file a complaint suspecting that you have treat for life from that person for your security and he will think twice before misbehaving with you if he even have such intentions.

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