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PathLegal has simplified and listed many Trade Mark lawyers in United States as per their specialization. Just by choosing the state/city and subject, you will be guided to the list of Trade Mark attorneys United States .

Trade Mark Attorneys in United States Trade Mark Attorneys in United States

Attorney Bold Patents Chicago Law Firm, Trade Mark attorney in Chicago - Chicago
Experience (years):
Specializations: patent attorney
Illinois | Chicago | Chicago
Attorney Michael Kondoudis, Trade Mark attorney in Washington -
Experience (years): 20
Languages Known: English
Specializations: trademark law
Attorney Moose and Goose Trademarks, Trade Mark attorney in Las Vegas - Toronto
Experience (years): 19
Specializations: canada trademark search, intellectual property, trademark canada, trademark search, registered trade
Nevada | Las Vegas | Toronto
Attorney Alexis J Saenz, Trade Mark attorney in Riverside - Riverside
Experience (years):
Specializations: trademarks, licensing, written opinions, copyright, trade secrets
California | Riverside | Riverside
Attorney Edward R. Freedman, Trade Mark attorney in Roslyn -
Experience (years): 48
Languages Known: English
Specializations: intellectual property, trademarks, patent, copyright
New York | Roslyn
Attorney Steven Martin, Trade Mark attorney in Boston - Boston, MA
Experience (years):
Specializations: patent lawyer, trademark lawyer
Attorney Elias Fikru Yehualashet , Trade Mark attorney in Addis - Addis Ababa
Experience (years): 8
Languages Known: English
Specializations: intellectual property, corporate, investment and business law
Louisiana | Addis | Addis Ababa
Attorney Kanayo Okwuraiwe, Trade Mark attorney in New York -
Experience (years):
Specializations: lawyer marketing, law firm marketing, law firm seo
New York | New York
Attorney verhagenbennett, Trade Mark attorney in Santa Monica - Santa Monica
Experience (years):
Languages Known: ENGLISH
Specializations: patent attorney los angeles
California | Santa Monica | Santa Monica
Attorney EmailBot, Trade Mark attorney in London - london
Experience (years): 5
Languages Known: English
Specializations: email marketing
Kentucky | London | london
Attorney Michael Ahmadshahi, Trade Mark attorney in Irvine -
Experience (years): 18
Specializations: patent infringement attorney in irvine, ca and serving orange county. patent dispute lawyer.
Attorney Moshe Lapin, Trade Mark attorney in Baltimore - Maryland
Experience (years): 20
Languages Known: English
Specializations: trademark lawyer
Attorney Portland Patent Attorneys - Bold Patents Law Firm, Trade Mark attorney in Portland -
Experience (years):
Specializations: patent attorney, law firm, lawyer
Oregon | Portland
Attorney Mathew Holm, Trade Mark attorney in Phoenix -
Experience (years): 6
Specializations: business formation, trademarks, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, civil litigation
Arizona | Phoenix
Attorney Adam S Tracy, Trade Mark attorney in Chicago Ridge -
Experience (years): 12
Languages Known: Ennglish, German
Specializations: business law, broker fraud, communications & internet law, intellectual property
Illinois | Chicago Ridge
Attorney Jeffrey P. Laner, Trade Mark attorney in New York City -
Experience (years): 15
Languages Known: English
Specializations: business, contract & intellectual property
New York | New York City
Attorney BILL HULSEY LAWYER, Trade Mark attorney in Austin - Austin
Experience (years): 30
Languages Known: ENGLISH, GERMAN
Specializations: patents, trademarks, intellectual property
Attorney Stephen Kennedy, Trade Mark attorney in Dallas -
Experience (years): 29
Specializations: intellectual property
Attorney April Martindale, Trade Mark attorney in Boca Raton -
Experience (years):
Specializations: business law, intellectual property, contracts and agreements
Florida | Boca Raton
Attorney jasmine dora, Trade Mark attorney in Alexandria - Alexandria
Experience (years):
Specializations: web design and development, sep services in virginia, digital market agency
Virginia | Alexandria | Alexandria

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