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Tips A Lawyer Must follow Tips A Lawyer Must follow

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Stanlin Posted 22 Dec 2018 Read More News and Blogs
Tips A Lawyer Must follow

Commercial awareness

Commercial awareness is a key requirement if you need a job in law; it's important that you can speak confidently about the commercial and legal tendencies affecting law firms, their clients and the legal and business world in general. Blogs are a great way of staying informed about these trends.

A client, meanwhile, will expect their lawyer to be fully Knowledgeable about their practice area and what extent the social, political and economic issues may influence their client's case.

You can improve your presence in the legal arena by following the activities given below:

•        Take a membership in university club or society, in a position where you can help to organise events

•        browsing specialist websites such as Roll On Friday, LawCareers.Net, The Lawyer, Legal Cheek, Legal Week and Legal Futures

•        learning work experience from a commercial organisation such as a bar, call centre, department store or, if possible, a law firm

•        going on a gap year, as this will help to develop your budgeting, scheduling and cost-cutting skills, and also give you an international perspective on business issues

•        listening to business-related podcasts or radio shows, such as BBC Radio 4's Today programme

•        reading business publications such as the Financial Times and The Economist, and the business pages of a daily newspaper such as The Times

•        Watching business-related television programmes such as News night, Panorama, Dragons' Den and The Apprentice.


Strong oral and written communication skills is vital an attorney and without which you'll struggle to carry out the duties of as a lawyer effectively. Listening ability is also important when interacting with clients, as you need to be able to build a good network and repo among your potential clients and produce confidence.

You must to be a confident speaker when arguing a case in court and must be more convincing when explaining complex information to clients as well as when you are arguing in court. You'll have to use effective, clear and neat language. Public speaking is a must for a lawyer.

Written ability is equally important when drafting letters and legal documents. You must know technical and legal language and convey it clearly and concisely. To develop your written communication skills, step in with your university's law society. You could take conference minutes, draft emails, write newsletters or manage social media accounts.

Attention to detail

A sharp eye for accuracy is vital to the success of your legal career. A single word can change the whole meaning of the draft that you prepare, while misspelt or ungrammatical emails, letters or documents can give clients a bad impression and give a picture about your firm as well as you calibre which may not be true but first impression always play a vital role in legal profession.

When applying for jobs or training, that employers look for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. If your cover letter is too long including with spelling mistakes, a recruiter may question about the potentiality of the client.

Time management

“Time management” is the process of forming and planning how to spend your time for specific activities. Good time management makes you to work smarter so that you get more benefit in less time, even in the pressure time. Failing to manage your time eventually leads to stress.

To stay on top on work and meet demanding deadlines you'll need excellent administration and time management skills. You need to be an efficient multi-tasking personality with the ability to alter competing priorities. You'll also need a solid work ethics, as hours can be long.

Academic ability

Legal profession is intellectually demanding and recruiters will lookout for candidates who can manage complex information into knowledgeable conclusions. You'll need to prove that you have the intelligent ability to deal with the pressures of the job. While academic ability is important, recruiters increasingly appreciate well-rounded candidates so get involved in extracurricular activities, take up an interesting hobby, and join a sports team.

Resilience and self-confidence

Legal careers are very competitive. Establish your commitment to a career in law through work experience and remember that you should maintain self-confidence.

Research and analysis

Reading large amounts of information, grasping facts and figures, understanding information and then converting it to manageable is a feature of any law career.

The key is being able to identify what is relevant out of the mass of information and explain it clearly and concisely to your client.

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