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Time Limit to File Charge Sheet

Time Limit to File Charge Sheet   Does Police have the freedom to take unlimited time for criminal investigation after filing F.I.R. ?

Is Police at liberty to file Charge Sheet at any point of time,as per it's own discretion ?

Won't delay in filing of Charge Sheet result in denial of many rights of the Accused ?

What should the Accused do if Charge Sheet is delayed ?

If any complaint to Court is possibile on delay in filing of Charge Sheet, then when should Accused file such complaint ?

No time limit for filing of CS.

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   1. no
2. no
3. after expiry of 2 years if sections are punishable imprisonment up to 2 years.
4. no right
the time period for filing charge sheet is up to six months. subject to extend the time for period to period. if u have any grivience file a petition for speedy trail.

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pvs saikumar, advocate
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   Yes, there is no time limit for filing charge sheet. That 90 days time is for those accused in custody who in absence of filing charge sheet within 90 get bail as a matter of right.
If you want to expedite submitting the charge sheet, then you could ask for the direction of the Magistrate in that respect.

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   in some cases limitation is provided under which police has to file other cases there is no limitation.
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   the minimum period is 90 days and there is no limit for maximum period, the circumstances it depends upon. you have to approach the inspector of police and request him to file the charge sheet, if he feels ok. he will file else, you approach the higher police authority, showing the cause of your hurry. or file a writ petition in the high court against the police.
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   Dear sister/brother
1. no
2. no
3. yes
4. he can request the inspector to speed up the issue or meet the higher police officials for the same reasons
5. you can file a writ in the high court and get the direction for closing the issue in the fixed time frame.
All the best
Adv.A.P.Loganathan,MadrasHighCourt,Avoid Police/Court/Politician if possible
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   filing for Chagre sheet Non cognigible Case is six month, Congnmigible offfence punishment up to life
hang is three years also exteded with permission of court as per view of the said asid will depend
U/C 468 Cr. P.C. read with section 167 Cr.p.C.
R.N.Mishra adv
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