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The third annual AI Now report: 10 more ways to make AI safe for human flourishing The third annual AI Now report: 10 more ways to make AI safe for human flourishing

Bronze medal Reporter Joseph Posted 7 Dec 2018 Post Comment Visitors: 22 Read More News and Blogs
The third annual AI Now report: 10 more ways to make AI safe for human flourishing

Every year, NYU's nonprofit, critical activist group AI Now releases a report on the state of AI, with ten recommendations for making machine learning systems equitable, transparent and fail-safe (2016, 2017); this year's report just published, written by a fantastic panel, including Meredith Whittaker (previously -- one of the leaders of the successful googler uprising over the company's contract to supply AI tools to the Pentagon's drone project); Kate Crawford (previously -- one of the most incisive critics of AI); Jason Schultz (previously -- a former EFF attorney now at NYU) and many others.

This year's recommendations come in the wake of a string of worsening scandals for AI tools, including their implication in genocidal violence in Myanmar.

They include: sector-by-sector regulation of AI by appropriate regulators; strong regulation of facial recognition; broad, accountable oversight for AI development incorporating a cross-section of stakeholders; limits on trade secrecy and other barriers to auditability and transparency for AI systems that impact public service provision; corporate whistleblower protection for AI researchers in the tech sector; a "truth-in-advertising" standard for AI products; a much deeper approach to inclusivity and diversity in the tech sector; "full stack" evaluations of AI that incorporate everything from labor displacement to energy consumption and beyond; funding for community litigation for AI accountability; and an expansion of university AI programs beyond Computer Science departments.

4. AI companies should waive trade secrecy and other legal claims that stand in the way of accountability in the public sector.

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