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The Importance of Proper Maintenance in Preventing Auto Accidents The Importance of Proper Maintenance in Preventing Auto Accidents

Bronze medal Reporter Simon Esfandi Posted 4 Jan 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 74 Read More News and Blogs
The Importance of Proper Maintenance in Preventing Auto Accidents

Most drivers usually don’t realize the importance of car maintenance. By simply checking your car every once in a while, you can actually increase your safety on the road and prevent any potential auto accidents. 

Auto repairs should be done every 6 to 12 months and should be something every (responsible) driver should do. Here are the things you should pay attention to and a list of things you should check in order to ensure your safety on the road. 


Check Your Electrical Systems Regularly

Having malfunction electrical systems could mean only bad news for you. When you least expect it, you will be left stranded on the side of the road, with no way of getting home without having to pay a substantial amount of money. 

A bad car battery will leave your vehicle without power. Even if you started the car without any problems in the morning, you could not repeat the process in the evening. 

Be sure to check regularly for any cracks in the wiring and corrosion on your battery terminals. If your battery is old, consider replacing it before it is too late.


Check Your Tires

Another thing you should check before every journey is your tire pressure. Check each tire separately for air and pressure, and make sure that everything is in perfect shape. Even the slightest anomaly could cause your tire to explode due to high temperature and low/high tire pressure. Be sure to always have a spare tire in your vehicle, and switch your tires as the seasons change. 

If you end up in a auto accident as a result of a tire blowout, you should consult with our Auto Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles and see if you are eligible to seek compensation for your damages.


Replace and Refill Oil Regularly

Without oil, your engine will fail and shut down. Be sure to check your oil levels every 150-200 miles and refill your vehicle with fresh oil. Also, try and replace your car’s oil every 6 months to keep your engine healthy and working. Having old oil in the system will only lead to potential issues over time, resulting in significant costs. If your vehicles is out of oil while on the road, your car will be left stranded, and you will have to call a towing agency, as well as pay for your car’s repairs.

Not to mention the chances of getting involved in a car accident as you were unable to steer your vehicle or warn others of your malfunction. If you get hit by another vehicle after your car malfunctions on the road, immediately contact one of our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys and have them help you file a claim against the other party. If proven to be a victim, you will receive compensation for your injuries and damages to your vehicle. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys; they are your best shot of obtaining the finances needed to cover all your expenses. Call right after the accident!

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