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Role Of Witness Infront Of Justice Role Of Witness Infront Of Justice

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Joseph Posted 6 Feb 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 75 Read More News and Blogs
Role Of Witness Infront Of Justice

Let us discuss the role and importance of witness in the court. Do you know who is a witness? A witness is a person who is essential for a court to confess or telling what he saw or heard about a case. The prosecution attorney and defense attorney ask questions to the witness about the case. The answer of the witness is treated as the evidence in the court of law. The court gives warrant to the witness to inform the details of the case and to inform which court to go.

The Crown prosecutor and defense lawyer will probably talk to you to find out what you know about the case before they decide to call you as a witness. At this stage, you do not have to answer their questions unless you want to. However, if either lawyer warrants you as a witness, you must go to the court to tell the judge what you know about the case.

Types of witness:

Eye witness

An eye witness is a common word used in public. If a person called as an eye witness if he or she saw, feel, heard something related to the case. The witness may be called by the court whether it is a criminal case or civil case. A Bible will give to the witness and he must take an oath "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". The judge will finalize and make an assumption about the words of the witness. The judge has the responsibility to ensure that the witness is telling true or false.

Expert witness

If the witness is a doctor, handwriting expert, lab technician he or she could be called an expert witness. The opinion of the expert is taken as the evidence because the court does not have knowledge about that field. Expert witness doesn't have any favor with any of the party. The expert witness must take an oath of the court. The witness must explain the reason for an expert in the particular area.

Character witness

If you are a character witness of the court you must have some responsibilities and dedication. Character witnesses are different types.

  • You may be called as a character witness if you give evidence and proof of the good character of the accused in a criminal case. You will take the oath of the court and you will then be asked a pattern of questions to allow you to give an explanation about the accused. The purpose of your evidence is to prove that the accused is less likely to have committed the offense because he or she is a person of good character.
  • You may be called as a character witness to comment on the evidence of the good character of a person who has already been convicted of a criminal case. The use of your evidence is to help the judge to decide which sentence to impose.
  • You may be called as a character witness to give evidence about the good or bad character of a party in a civil trial when the character of the party is an important issue in the case.

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