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Protection Of Business Name Protection Of Business Name

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Joseph Posted 5 Feb 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 46 Read More News and Blogs
Protection Of Business Name

Do you have any business? Then you want to ensure that your business name is not plagiarised from anywhere. You must have a business name and it is the identity of your business. It signifies the reputation of your company. If any competitors are tried to copy your business name that leads to the reduction of your market. It affects badly to your business. Because the customers feel confusion about the proper name of your company. It affects badly to the reputation of the company. It is essential that you must protect the name of your company from the competitors.

Ways to protect the business name

The best way to protect the name of the business is to form a business entity. The business entity means a corporation or limited liability company. Your state’s business filing agency won’t let two business entities have the same name. You must claim the name of your business in your home state to protect the name of the company from other entities when they tried to copy your business name. You can check the availability of your business name in all over the states. For this, you must contact the agencies are handling business filings. Some states allow searching business names online. The protection of your business name is only possible in home states only. If any entities are tried to copy your names, you haven't any legal rights to file a suit against them.

Protection as a trademark

If you are filing an application for a trademark, it is the best way to protect the name, logo, contents of websites, slogans of your business. If you are not filing a trademark, you can claim common law ownership of your name right away. And the name of your company is only protected in the home state. If you are registered and filing on a trademark it is helpful to protect your business in the country.

Do you hear about trademark? Trademark is a unique word or symbol that protects the products and business. If the trademark is associated with the service, it is known as a service mark. If the business of an entrepreneur is registered with a trademark. The names, logo, symbols of the company will be protected by law. By law, if any infringement is happening in the case of a trademark. The business authors have rights to file suit against the infringement. Lawyers in USA are able to handle the cases belongs to the trademark. Attorneys in USA are specialized in trademark-related cases.

You can protect your business name as online. For this, you must register your domain name. Domain name is internet address of the website. You can purchase a domain name from a company that provides domain registration services. By this process, you can protect the name of your company on the internet.


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