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Procedure For Trademark A Name Procedure For Trademark A Name

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Linda Posted 8 Feb 2019 Post Comment Visitors: 37 Read More News and Blogs
Procedure For Trademark A Name

Do you know about the trademark? It is a design, symbol, phrase or word that identifies your business. Trademark is a factor of intellectual property. A trademark may be owned by a single person or entity. Are you a business entrepreneur? If you are a business entrepreneur you must have a business name. It is essential to register your business name in the trademark agency. Because it helps you to protect from other competitors. The name must be unrelated to ordinary meaning. To register a trademark, you must ensure that your trademark is not publicly available. Then file a trademark application in the concerned agency and responds to any official action. Lawyers in United States have capable to file trademark registration and they are able to give sufficient legal advice.

  The United States Patent And Trademark Office(USPTO) has the complete rights to grant patent and trademark. Let us discuss the procedure for registering a name as a trademark. This procedure consists of three processes. Following are the process for trademark a name.

Trademark name search

Before filing a trademark application, it is important to know about the problems and legal procedures behind it. It is more helpful to meet the attorneys in United States. The lawyers are capable to give proper advice. It is very important to search the USPTO database for trademarks and pending applications that match your business name. A more extensive search will also search business directories, state trademark databases, and the internet to identify other names that are similar to your proposed business name.

Submitting application

You can file an application directly in the USPT (United States Patent And Trademark Office) office. Otherwise, you can file an application through online submission. The application must have these elements:

  • The name and address of the owner applying for a trademark.
  • The proposed name.
  • The nature of your application whether it is a product or service.
  • The basis for your filing: either use in commerce (if you are already using your name in business) or intent to use (if you haven't started using it yet)
  • If your filing is based on use in commerce, a specimen such as a label or a package that shows your name in use; if you file on an intent to use basis, you will provide this later.

Respond to the office action

After submitting the application the concerned attorney reviews your application. If any problem in your application, you will receive a letter from the USPTO office. This letter is known as office action. The letter tells the problems of your application. You must give a proper reply to Office Actions within the deadline or your application will be canceled.

A notice of your application will be published on the website of the official gazette. If any opposition to your application you may need proper legal advice to solve it.


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