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Power of attorney contingent fee contractPower of attorney contingent fee contract

International Law »Posted 19 Mar 2019

legal question POWER OF ATTORNEY
THIS IS AN Agreement To between Richard M. Marsh, Jr., (hereinafter referred to as "Attlorney")
whose puncipal office address is 720 Bayland Ave., Houston, TX 77009, and Client, Laura
MANDALA (hereinafter referred to as "Client"), whereby Client retains and employs Attorney
repiesent Client in prosecuting Client's claim, as follows
Client empowers the said Attorney to file such legal actions as may be advisable in Atormey's
chenf agrees to pay Attorney as fees for such representation 33 1/3% of any gross recovery before
the action is nled, 40% ofany gross recovery after the action is filed, but before the commencement
of trial, 40% ofany gross recovery after commencement of trial, and 40% of any gross recovery
after the filing of any appeal by any party.
This contrnet Conistitutes a conveyance, or absolute assignment, to said Attorney of an undivided
interest in the entire cause of action, in the percentages heretofore set forth.
All costo,
necessary disbursements, investigative fees, reasonable personal expenses, medical
pense, not paid by the insurance company or self-insured emiployer, as well as necessary expenses
prepate the case for setlement or trial, and expenses for the trial and appeals of the case, including
lees and deposition expenses that are incurred by Attorney for or on behalf of Client and
ent's couse are to be paid by Client. If such costs are advanced by Atforney, they shall be
of any recovery that is payable to Client after calculation of Attorney's
ler. Client further agrees to have Attorney pay directly out of any recovery any
penses. Client agrces to be responsible for any
sed from that
contingent fee h
outstanding related expenses, including medical ex
courn costs assessed against Client in the event of an unsuccessful trial or appeal outcome.
Count costs, deposition costs, duplication costs, telecopier fees, filing fees, nunner and trave
fees, appraiser's fees, consultant's fces and
expenses, long-distance telephone expenses, accountant's
and paid for by Client as provided above
settlement or award to Client, if still outstanding.
Client herein expressly grants
other professionial fees incurred on Client's behalf fincluding specialized or local legal counsel), and
other disbursements will be paid directly by Client or, when advanced by Attorney, will be borne by
Additionally, it is agreed that the fees and charges set forth above shall be deducted from any
a retaining lien on all of Client's files or any of Client's
property within Attorney's possession until such fees are paid. In addition, Attorney shall give Client
reasonable notice so that Client may secure bther counsel. Withdrawal shall be subject to court's

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