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Neither Lawyers, Nor Law Firm Blog Writing, is Robot-Replaceable Neither Lawyers, Nor Law Firm Blog Writing, is Robot-Replaceable

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Stanlin Posted 5 Jan 2019 Read More News and Blogs
Neither Lawyers, Nor Law Firm Blog Writing, is Robot-Replaceable

The spreading arms of artificial intelligence have already reached human jobs in the retail and manufacturing sector. But recent reports indicate blue collar jobs may not be the only ones at risk. CNBC reports the legal profession is a prime target for automation, and Search Engine Journal has said the same could be true of certain types of content marketing, such as law firm blog writing.

What’s important to note, however, is that there are certain tasks of law firm blog writing – just as with being an attorney – that simply can’t be generated with artificial intelligence?

Let’s start with law. Even those in law firm blog writing know the job is destined by tradition and is often quite labour concentrated. There is some evidence to indicate that digitizing some features of the job – such as data searching, contract creation or mining for evidence of potential fraud or other elements – which may be possible to update over technology. Right now, these are the duty of attorneys. If those jobs were automated, can save money for clients (and more affordable legal services means potentially more clients) and free actual attorneys for more high-level critical examination.

With law firm blog writing, there are already some attorneys who have push your way into use of artificial intelligence content farms to help them get content on their sites. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it gets the keywords in – and it READS like it was written by a robot. That’s not exactly what you want to convey to potential clients about whom you are as an attorney. While some variances may be delicate, the actual human audience reading that content will pick up on it, which gives incentives for Google to fine-tune algorithms to root out content like this that deficiencies real value.

A robot content generator may be able to report the very basics of a new court opinion. With Heliograf technology, much of that work could be automated – freeing up reporters to spend more time making stories that were both powerful and personal – things no robot is going to be able to do with the same kind of compelling authenticity.

Some in the artificial intelligence content generation industry estimate that within the next 10 years, we may possibly see 90 percent of all news the general public reads generated by computers. However, what this does not mean is that 90 percent of all journalists would be swapped. Rather, the amount of published material is going to significantly increase. The local t-ball game scores, dance recital play bills, scholarships awarded – these are the kinds of things that don’t necessarily get picked up by everyday outlets but that may have interest to specific audiences that could potentially be produced with artificial intelligence.

That doesn’t mean the need for good journalism, content, law firm blog writing or lawyers going anywhere. It means companies and individuals in these professions will need to adapt, to ensure their clients or audiences are getting the peak quality services with elements that no robot can generate simply with data or automated systems. For example, artificial intelligence systems may have the ability to research keywords in a newly-released court opinion, but it can’t generate understanding analysis from an attorney or argue those points before a judge. Similarly, content generation artificial intelligence may be able to skills sensible sentences, but it’s not going to have the ability to compile thoughtful analysis with creative prose – the kind that draws people in and helps build confidence and trust in potential clients.

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