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Legal Issues and the Role of Social Media Legal Issues and the Role of Social Media

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Stanlin Posted 20 Dec 2018 Post Comment Visitors: 328 Read More News and Blogs
Legal Issues and the Role of Social Media

Every good thing comes from with its downside. This is the situation for social media in legal issues.

When distressed victims share their stories of misery on social media, other users will often pushes them to take the matters to court, where they would get justice and possibly a hand-out from the case. However, with the uncontrolled use of social media, the same platform that encouraged them to take a legal direction will turn back to injured their case.

Social media posts can present as evidence in court

We’re in the Facebook age, and the rules that apply to electronic innovation now bind a accuser’s Facebook data if there is evidence that permits that the content of their pages be inspected in relations to the case.

Given that a defendant would have to provide sensible proof that the content on a plaintiff’s profile would help in discovering admissible evidence, if your posts are private, they’ll have a hard time proving that.

On the positive side, using social media as evidence in court can turn out to be very easy. Contents in forms of public posts, private messages, pictures, and videos are a valuable foundation of evidence. Examples are hacking accounts and also fake accounts, fraudulent messages, and photos. These are the concerns of authentication requirement. “Electronically stored information, without any indication of its creator, source or custodian may not be authenticated”

What happens when you delete social media posts during litigation?

Deleting posts that you consider your opponent could use against you in a court case could be treated as destruction of evidence–a serious crime in a civil or criminal law case.

When you delete something from your wall, account, or even your personal computer folder, it may disappear from plain view, but that doesn’t mean it never happened. That can be discovered using sophisticated software or methods.

Rather, in order to keep your social media activities from affecting your chances in a court cases, begin to fresh your pages before you even have a court case. No one knows when anything might come up.

Social networking users don't enjoy any of the immunities granted to social networking sites under the law, so they should be careful to always act appropriately when posting messages or files to the sites.

Here are five tips that may keep you from finding yourself in trouble when it comes to different social media platforms.

  • Online Contests & Promotions
  • Reviews
  •  Endorsements
  •  Photographs Social media and the law
  • Employee Rights

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