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PathLegal has simplified and listed many Labor lawyers in United States as per their specialization. Just by choosing the state/city and subject, you will be guided to the list of Labor attorneys United States .

Labor Attorneys in United States Labor Attorneys in United States

Attorney Brian  Simoneau, Labor attorney in Framingham - Framingham, Massachusetts
Experience (years): 17
Languages Known: English
Specializations: speeding and traffic ticket, appeal, dui and dwi, administrative law, employment and labor
Massachusetts | Framingham | Framingham, Massachusetts
Attorney Michael Borelli, Labor attorney in Garden City - Garden City
Experience (years): 15
Specializations: employment discrimination,employee benefits,family medical leave act,civil rights and constitutional
New York | Garden City | Garden City
Attorney Berger Hicks, Labor attorney in Miami - Florida
Experience (years): 26
Specializations: wrongful death, personal injury, employment & labor, medical malpractice, personal injury protection
Florida | Miami | Florida
Attorney Jennifer Bandlow, Labor attorney in Los Angeles - los angeles,ca
Experience (years): 9
Specializations: sexual assault & battery, sexual harassment, civil rights, employee rights
Attorney Brian Simoneau, Labor attorney in Framingham - Framingham
Experience (years):
Specializations: dui and dwi, administrative law, employment and labor
Massachusetts | Framingham | Framingham
Attorney Fox and Weiss, P.A., Labor attorney in Atlanta - GA
Experience (years):
Specializations: labor & employment law
Georgia | Atlanta | GA
Attorney Steven Rubin, Labor attorney in Los Angeles - Los Angeles
Experience (years): 40
Specializations: employment laws, fraud claims, business/commercial litigation, labor law, sexual orientation
California | Los Angeles | Los Angeles
Attorney Abraham Mathew, Labor attorney in Los Angeles -
Experience (years):
Specializations: employment law, wages and hours, sexual harassment
California | Los Angeles
Attorney Guilherme Feldmann, Labor attorney in Miami - São Paulo
Experience (years): 19
Languages Known: portuguese, english, spanish
Specializations: real state law, labor law, civil,
Florida | Miami | São Paulo
Attorney Glen Earl Gates, Labor attorney in Fresno -
Experience (years): 40
Specializations: family law, civil litigation, labor & employment law, bankruptcy, estate planning
California | Fresno
Attorney Stephen T. Savitz, Labor attorney in Columbia -  Elmwood Avenue
Experience (years): 46
Languages Known: English
Specializations: employment law, labor law
Attorney Curran Moher Weis, Labor attorney in Fairfax - fairfax
Experience (years): 10
Languages Known: English
Specializations: child custody, family law, divorce litigation,pension,property divison
California | Fairfax | fairfax
Attorney Dave Mara, Labor attorney in San Diego -
Experience (years):
Specializations: dba, unpaid wages.
California | San Diego
Attorney Charles Smith, Labor attorney in Chicago -  Chicago
Experience (years):
Languages Known: English
Specializations: labor and employment law firm
Illinois | Chicago | Chicago
Attorney Law Offices of Cathe L. Caraway-Howard, Labor attorney in Playa Del Rey - Playa Del Rey, CA
Experience (years): 30
Specializations: employment law, labor law, discrimination law, civil rights, whitleblower protection,
California | Playa Del Rey | Playa Del Rey, CA
Attorney Ahlawat & Associates, Labor attorney in Irvine - Irvine
Experience (years): 12
Languages Known: English, Japanese, Hindi
Specializations: corporate law, employment and labour, mergers and acquisitions, real estate property dispute
California | Irvine | Irvine
Attorney Chris Moody, Labor attorney in Albuquerque - New Mexico
Experience (years):
Specializations: labor and employment, litigation, trial practice
New Mexico | Albuquerque | New Mexico
Attorney Kenneth E. Barnes, Labor attorney in Kansas City -
Experience (years): 19
Languages Known: English
Specializations: personal injury, labor & employment law, civil rights
Missouri | Kansas City
Attorney Laurence J. Brock, Labor attorney in Rancho Cucamonga - San Bernardino County
Experience (years): 30
Languages Known: English
Specializations: family law, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, collaborative family law
Attorney John Mann, Labor attorney in Greenville -
Experience (years):
Specializations: labor & employment, worker\'s compensations
South Carolina | Greenville

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