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Is this a legal marriage, or am I being scammedIs this a legal marriage, or am I being scammed

Civil »Posted 19 Feb 2019

legal question I live in America. I had met a woman online who says she is in Ghana. Long story short, I couldn\'t trust her and she was going to cheat on me so, that relationship went south and I am not even certain if my marriage to that woman was legal, but I wanted to be sure to contact someone and to end it properly even though I am not even certain the way the marriage was done is legal at all. There\'s so many things that I am not certain of since the culture is different and I have done some research, but nothing has for certain verified a yes or no about that marriage. Apparently I was sent documentation to confirm our marriage with the courts, but I was never called it\'s as if someone signed my name on the line for me. I do not know if that is even considered a legal thing there to do since no one even called me from the court at the time of or before the marriage to verify. Since I am planning a trip to Ghana this summer to meet a different woman, I would like to be sure to have this taken care of and it has caused a lot of problems and having me involved with someone that I do not trust. I paid for a divorce but given my financial status and how I was told that there is a compensation fee towards the woman due to the divorce that I was unaware of at the time of divorce and that I cannot pay the amount that was said to be paid. I bought an international SIM card that is supposed to be used world wide for the trip. My ex has given me a number to contact saying it is for the magistrate, but when I call it, it cannot be reached and it is said that they cannot reach me on my SIM number when I have made myself available to them. I know the card works because the woman I am talking to now have both called eachother on that number to test it when I first got it. I just need help and clarification please, I am not even sure what to put as a question because the whole things seems very strange and am not sure if it\'s a scam. Thank you.

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