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Important Legal Abbreviations for Lawyers and law students Important Legal Abbreviations for Lawyers and law students

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Important Legal Abbreviations for Lawyers and law students


AAIC-Advanced Accident Investigation Course              

AAJ-American Association for Justice                                        

AAL-Attorney At Law                                      

AALA-American Agricultural Law Association               

AALA-American Automobile Labeling Act                                         

AALA-Atlanta Association of Legal Administrators                           

AAV-Armored Assault Vessel                                            

AB-Assembly Bill                                             

AB-Above and Beside                                               

ABA-American Bar Association                                        

ABA-American Bar Asscoiation                                        

ABAC-Anti Bribery Anti Corruption                                          

ABAC-Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption                                            

ABAC-Anti Bribery And Corruption                                          

ABC-Alcohol Beverage Control                                        

ABC-Always Be Careful                                            

ACJA-Administration of Criminal Justice Act                                     

ACJA-Albany Criminal Justice Association                                         

ACJC-Anti Corruption Justice Center                                         

ACJC-Alaska Criminal Justice Commission                                        


ACJC-Arizona Criminal Justice Commission                             

ACJC-Anti Corruption Judicial Center                                       

ACJCS-Ada County Juvenile Court Services                                      

ACJDC-Ada County Juvenile Detention Center                                  

ACJI-Australian Centre for Justice Innovation                                              

ACJI-Alliance for Criminal Justice Innovation                                             

ACJL-Administration Of Criminal Justice Law                                             

ACJM-Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate                                        

ADAM-Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring                                            

ADAMS-Alcohol and Drub Abuse Managers and Supervisors

ADC-Assaulters Don't Camp                                              

ADD-Adult Discipline Disorder                                         

ADD-Away Dad Disorder                                         

ADEA-Age Discrimination in Employment Act                                  

ADFM-Active Duty Family Member                                          

ADHOC-Allied Destructive Hackers Of Columbia                    

ADJ-ADministration of Justice                                          

ADJC-Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign                                             

ADL-Anti Defamation League                                            

ADLEA-Advance Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration

ADLF-American Democracy Legal Fund                                             

ADR-Australian Device Regulatory                                            

ADR-Alternative Dispute Resolution                                          

ADR-Amicable Dispute Resolution                                            

ADRB-Army Discharge Review Board                                       

ADRP-Alternative Dispute Resolution Program                                 

AIP-Advisors In Philanthropy                                            

AIP-Anything Is Possible                                          

AIP-Agreement In Principle                                      

AIPF-Association of Intellectual Property Firms                                 

AIPF-Association for Intellectual Property Firms                               

AIS-Accident Investigation Site                                         

AIS-Alabama Inmate Sentence                                           

AIS-Ability Imparied Sportsman                                       

AOTC-Assault On the Carolinas  

AOUSC-Administrative Office of the United States Courts     

APA-Administrative Procedure Act      

APA-Administrative Procedures Act    

APALC-Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California       

APALC-Asian Pacific American Legal Center        

APB-All Points Bulletin     

APC-Angled Physical Contact     

APCEL-Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law       

APCI-Association of Police and Court Interpreters

APCJ-Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice       

APCO-Associated Public-Safety Communications Officers     

APD-Albuquerque Police Department  

API-Affluent Parents Index

APIB-Alabama Private Investigation Board  

APIL-Association of Public Interest Law       

APIPA-Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Association     

APIU-Australian Paranormal Investigation Unit    

APJ-Artists for Peace and Justice

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