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Important Guidelines For Your LSAT Exam Important Guidelines For Your LSAT Exam

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Important Guidelines For Your LSAT Exam

Test day is almost upon us, you should prepare very well for the LSAT exam. Make sure to check out LSAC’s page of regulations for LSAT test day; here are some important remedies for the LSAT exam.


  • Yourself. If you decide you’re not ready for the LSAT, visit the LSAC website and withdraw from the LSAT to avoid an absence on your record.

  • Your admission ticket with a photo attached. Take a print the ticket from’s “Day of the LSAT” page. The photo is a new condition for the LSAT.LSAC is extremely picky about your photo. There’s an easy way out: use a passport photo taken. It’ll fit the requirements. Once you have your photo ready, don’t make any changes to your look until you leave the LSAT test center. Especially avoid dying your hair, No new piercings, No shaving your beard, No shaving your head, No new facial tattoos. During the identification process, any changes with your physical appearance with the LSAT exam Photo, it may lead to unnecessary problems. So u can avoid these unnecessary issues.

  • You need something government-issued ID for verification of identity procedure. For example keep driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport is fine.

  • Pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. Use not #3, not #1, but good old #2 pencils. No mechanical pencils. You may want to bring one that’s less than super-sharp for bubbling your LSAT OMR sheet.

  • You can keep a snack and a drink. Not the alcoholic kind. Keep the drink in a plastic bottle or in a juice box. The snack should be well packed.

  • Wear an analog wristwatch. No digital watches, no stopwatches, no pocket watches.

  • Use Ziplock bag, max size one gallon. It’s the only thing you’re permitted to use to keep all of the above LSAT supplies.


What are the things that you do not bring on LSAT Exam Day?

  • Your phone. Don’t keep it in the exam hall. You will get kicked out of the LSAT test center if you are having your phone with you. Any kind of electronics equipment is strictly prohibited.

  • Anything you wear on your head. The only way you can acquire religious apparel. Giantology, Dodgerism, and the like are not valid religions.

  • Earplugs. They’re simply not permitted at the LSAT.


The morning of the LSAT exam, don’t try to fill up any last-minute practice questions you haven’t seen before — at this point, you should be fully prepared. Avoid any prep that can lessen your confidence. Take a warm up in the morning of LSAT exam. It will make You confident more. Don’t check your answers. Just finish your breakfast, double-check your Ziploc bag, and reach to the testing center early. Try to follow these guidelines.

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