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As you I am facing two false cases with my wife which is 498A & 125 Maintenance case.
my 498A case has been on same position from last 10 month every time my wife came in court and saying to judge that she don't have the money to hire Advocate and every time judge giving her next date this is repeating from last 10 month now my maintenance case has been disposed by ordered my of Rs. 2000 Per month.
I strongly proved in court that she is well educated & she was working as sport teacher in a reputed school also I proved in the court that she is not staying alone at her paternal home she is staying happily with her 4 brothers and father all these men having good income to take care of her better and here at my home my old mother is totally depend on me & I lost my job because of these two court matters. I told to court that she left my house by her own wish thereafter I am ready to keep her at my home but court didn't consider my statements also the court ignored all my evidence and passed the judgment against me that I have to pay her Rs. 2000 Per moth in the form of maintenance which is not affordable and not acceptable to me. please suggest me what shall I do ? or give me any best advocate or any contact number to discuss my matter in detail. please help me

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   Take certificate that she is working and drawing good salary.and file appeal in high court against order in 125 maintenance case.For 498-A case file quash petition in hih court to quash criminal case against you.A.Satyawati
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   if lower court passed this order you can filled appeal or revision on this order in district court and you take certificate of your lost job or second certificate your wife was working and she has good income.and 498 a case you give application about your absent.
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   Dear sister/brother
you have to approch the high court for filing the revision for cancelling the maintenance order
we dont invite but when some thing is forced on us we have to face it boldly
procure facts, documents supporting your claim and contest the case
you have to engage a very good and sincer lawyer to come out of this manace
All the best
Adv.A.P.Loganathan,MadrasHighCourt,Avoid Police/Court/Politician if possible

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Take lawyer from ur state via PL list if lawyers.

You can also take my LA via PL.

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   after reading u r case i advise u to first file a petition against wife for Restitution of conjugal rights and take decree from civil court and file petition for cancellation of maintenance u/s 127.and sure it will cancelled and in the matter of 498A u should take a advocate and handle the case on merit and hope u succeed
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In this case you need to file the appeal against the said impugned maintenance order( if order given by Family Court- file appeal in High Court , if by magistrate court-file in Sessions Court).

And only after knowing the details of u case, and further comments/suggestion can be given.

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