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Human Rights in America Human Rights in America

Bronze medal Reporter adv John Posted 27 Nov 2018 Post Comment Visitors: 171 Read More News and Blogs
Human Rights in America

After more than one year of the outburst of the American Revolutionary War, American Colonies of number 13 independent from the British rule. The declaration of Independent is issued by the Congress in various forms. It is supplied to the public to read it. The independents are in the two forms such as Individual Rights and Revolutionary Rights. The constitution of America was written in the year 1787 and it’s a summer season. It is the base of the US Federal Government and an important document in the Western part. It is considered one of the oldest written constitutions in the world. It describes the citizen’s basic rights, the basement of the functionalities of the government. The first 10 Amendments of the US constitution that is the Bill of Rights deal with the boundary of the Federal government, the Rights of the citizens, the tourists that are the visitors to the US, the residents of the US.

The listings below are protected by the Bill of Rights.

Freedom of speech,  the right to keep and bear arms, freedom of religion, the freedom of assembly.T he first amendment deals with rights of protection, like the right to express the ideas over speech, the press, seek the government to fix the issues. Not only these it also deals the religious freedom, but also it blocks the government from favoring to any religion.

The second amendment includes the right to protect the bear arms.

The third amendments give the right to the house owners not mandatory that giving their home to the soldiers. The government could not force them to give their private home to soldiers. It has happened in the early days before the American Revolutionary Wars.

The fourth amendment gives protection to the citizens that it is not possible to the government, the unnecessary searches in their private properties.

The Fifth Amendment gives protection to the persons who are accused in the crime.  

The sixth amendment deals with add-on rights to the persons who are accused of crimes, Rights such the speedy trial, public trial, impartial jury.

The seventh Amendment deals with trials in Federal Civil Cases.

The Eighth Amendment dealing the restricts the excessive bail and fines.

Ninth Amendment deals that specific right given by the constitution not only these rights others also for the people.

The tenth amendment said that the Federal Government is the representative of people, it belongs to the people ultimately.

The Fourteenth Amendment states that all the children who are born in the US are US citizens and the respective states. Fifteenth amendment state that no discrimination against the people based on their color, race etc.

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