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How to find out if a piece of property was conveyed legallyHow to find out if a piece of property was conveyed legally

Property »Posted 18 Jan 2019

legal question My parents owned a piece of property that consisted of 5 lots they purchased in 1984. It was free in clear of any leins. But in 1994 my father who was in the oilfield and a subcontractor for Enron lost his contract and fell into hard times. This property was never mortgaged with the bank. But their banker who had the other banking affairs someway or another tricked them into signing this piece of land for $500. But as I searched the deed info the price was $10.00 to the banker personally. But according to the courthouse records was a tax lien in my parents name until last year on that property when it was released. We know for a fact lots of underhanded deals have taken place in the small community where I grew up and we have other property there still today. But I want to know the truth of how this property was taken at a time of duress for my parents. Thanks!

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