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How To File A DBA For Your Business? How To File A DBA For Your Business?

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How To File A DBA For Your Business?

Do you have any business? Do you want to update a secondary business name? Several business entrepreneurs in the United States are changed their business name or they adopt a new secondary name. Let us discuss how it is possible? The lawyers in United States term this process as ‘file a DBA’.

What is DBA?

If the owners of a company want to change the business name instead of the original name, they must register the secondary name. For sole proprietorships or partnership business, the last name is the actual name of the owner or partners. The new name registered is called as the secondary name.

The secondary name does not replace the actual one but use as an additional, legal name for the business. This name is known by several terms such as trade name, fictitious business name and assumed name. The procedure for filing this name is often called DBA registration, or doing business as.


 DBA registration has very useful, as it promotes a cohesive branding strategy, and it can help entities to avoid legal liability and instill confidence in trading partners and banking institutions as to the legitimacy of the company in question. If there is any hope that your original venture will want to expand into multiple websites, services, stores, hotels, and so on, you will want to register each under a separate DBA name.

DBA in Montana

 Montana, the state in the USA allows basically any domestic entity to register a file for DBA, a designation for purposes of doing business under a different name than the business true name.

The government of Montana disallows the filing for a DBA designation that is the same as a DBA designation already registered with the Secretary of State. Montana also forbid the filing of a DBA name identical, similar to any corporate name. The government prohibits the registration of name similar to limited liability partnership name, limited partnership name, trademark, LLC or service mark registered or reserved with the Secretary of State. 

How to file DBA?

The filing of DBA is entirely different in each of the states. The rules and requirements are different. It is helpful for the business entrepreneur to contact the lawyers in United States for the legal advice. The U.S. SBA provides details about how to file DBA in state-by-state. By using a legal document filing service, you must ensure that you’re following properly the rules and regulation of your county and state. And make sure that requirements perfectly and won’t be accidentally operating outside of the law.

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