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EmailBot is automated email marketing software for sending emails in bEmailBot is automated email marketing software for sending emails in b

Information Technology »Posted 27 Dec 2018

legal question What is EmailBot?
EmailBot is the new generation email marketing tool developed using Artificial Intelligence technology. It helps you to send bulk emails right to the recipientís inbox, without a single email being going into their spam folder.Emails are very important and it sometimes takes a lot of efforts to write a good email for your target audience, and ofcourse you would never want that your email goes into spam after such hardwork. So in order to get over to this spamming problem we have developed an email Sending Application to send spam free bulk emails.As far as EmailBot is concerned it is quite different from other email automations tools as it works on Artificial intelligence technology, making it more advance and reliable. One more important feature of EmailBot is that it works on more than 20 servers including SMTP and Mailchimp, thus allowing a user to switch to any server of his choice.

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