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Credit Card Defaulter - Can Court Issue Arrest Warrent

Credit Card Defaulter - Can Court Issue Arrest Warrent   I was user of some credit cards 2-3 years back of different banks. I was then into business. I lost my business, have to left my father\\\\\\\'s house permanently. Presently living in a rented house with no permanent job, there is no property in my name. The total amount of cards may be within 2 - 2.5 lacs. Due to default the banks used to impose exorbitant charges on outstanding amount and the amount is increasing day by day. Receiving threatening phone calls almost regularly sometimes with foul languages sometimes saying that an arrest warrant issued by Court of Delhi for non-payment. No legal notices by post received till date. They do not know my present address and I can\\\\\\\'t change my cell no. due to certain professional obligations. Plz guide whether an arrest warrant be issued in other state for recovery?

   Dear client,you should settle your matter either in the court or with bank people, otherwise the recovery tribunal court, will defiantly issue warrants,if you will not attend the court hearings.Any change of address will not solve your purpose.

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No arrest warrant or notice will be send on the issue of credit card.Credit cards are not loans so recovery is only possible for them throufh settlement,so they are using tactics.You have to stay away from their collection agents who goes to any extent trouble.Next time if they trouble you tell them to proceed legally,let them send legal notice,please be assured that it will not happen.

Credit card liability will affect your future loan eligibility on the base of CIBIL score .as you are aware they may have already reported it to cibil.If you enquire in cibil you will get the entry as defaulted and your credit score unless you pay off it completely,not the settled amount,total amount due banks will not clear the CIBIL wait till you can pay it off and go ahead,otherwise do not worry as the credit card ,(banks ) will not file a suit as there is no law to tackle it right now like a personal loan.Avoid their call and if they persist you or family members,file police complaint,it is because you have not committed any crime by defaulting ,till your financial condition improves they can not do this kind of harassment and muscle tactics.
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Adv.Treasa G Mathew,Mumbai
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