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CMDA approval without Patta

CMDA approval without Patta   This is issue of one of my friend. He has land in Chennai. This land is registered in name of two person individually i.e. some porition in the name of my friend and some portion in the name of other party. Separate ECs are also been issued in the name of both the parties.
1) It is not known whether this land is having patta or not. Is it possible to get the CMDA approval for construction of house without patta document? If yes, how to do? If not, what to be done?
2) If there is one patta for the entire site. Is it essential to go for sub division and obtaining separate Patta? If yes, how to do? If not, what to be done?
3)Is it possible to get CMDA approval for building construction in the name of both the parties separately with the help of one patta i.e. combined patta or separate patta is required.

   Dear sister/brother
1. you need to be careful as you propose to make more investments
2. The CMDA may hesitate to give the approval without the patta
3. you have to gofor the subdivision. apply tothe revenue officials in the tasildar office. the surveyor will, survey, measure, scale and issue the patta
4. yes it is possible
All the best
Adv.A.P.Loganathan,MadrasHighCourt,Avoid Police/Court/Politician if possible
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