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Areas Of Legal Practise Areas Of Legal Practise

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Areas Of Legal Practise

It is necessary for a business entrepreneur to find a good lawyer. And also necessary for a person who has legal issues. It is essential to know more about lawyers and the types of lawyers. Lawyers in United States are well experienced and capable of handling case with responsible and dedicated. If you have any legal issue or if you want to hire a lawyer, it is essential to know more about the practice section of lawyers.

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers are also known as business lawyers. If you are a business entrepreneur, many occasion is coming to contact a corporate lawyer. Corporate attorneys can help you with issues related to the formation of your corporation, general corporate governance issues, and corporate compliance issues.

Intellectual property lawyer

These lawyers are working in a case related to intellectual property. The intellectual property consists of the patent, copyright, trademark. Some lawyers are concentrated on patent-related issues and some lawyers concentrated in copyright and trademark.

Family lawyers

A family attorney handles anything having to do with direct family issues. Sometimes take cases related to the estate or family planning. But commonly family lawyers handle cases like divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and other issues surrounding marriage and children. Most of the family attorneys cover all areas of family law. But some lawyers only take divorce cases.

Criminal defense lawyers

These type of lawyers help defend people accused of committing a crime against prosecution by the government. They helping the accused person to stay out of jail. The crimes case handled by criminal defense lawyers ranges from small offenses such as shoplifting to more serious crimes such as DUI, drug trafficking, assault, and battery, or even murde

Personal injury (PI) lawyers

These lawyers are dealing with accidents and injuries of any nature.  Personal injury attorneys get involved when you are in a car accident, medical negligence or medical malpractices,wrong pres c r i p tion, you were injured by a defective product, and more.

Labour lawyer

They handle cases related to employment and they mainly deal with making sure businesses are complying with state and federal labor laws.  Much like business lawyers, there are both litigation and transactional employment attorneys. They can handle the case of age discrimination, sex discrimination of labors suffered in the working site.

Bankruptcy lawyers

 They can file for bankruptcy or work through your bankruptcy to help you get out of debt.  There are several subsets of bankruptcy lawyers who represent the debtor (firm or person filing for bankruptcy) and the creditor (the ones who are owed money by the debtor and are trying to recover as much of their money as possible during the bankruptcy).  


Tax lawyers

 These lawyers usually help businesses and individuals comply with state and federal laws when filing their tax returns. But most of the tax lawyers actually go to court to defend you if the IRS audits you and you face potential jail time or significant fines.

Real Estate lawyers

They can handle issues related to real estate and property. Like corporate attorneys, real estate attorneys are distinguished between transactional v/s litigation.

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